With winter approaching, we are faced with spending more hours indoors, so this is the perfect time to be thinking colour!! This is especially so, if Mother Nature dishes out to us what she dished out in the Northern Hemisphere.

Trends are funny things really, because they are fleeting. I always work on the theory that regardless of trends and fads, if they don’t work for the person, you don’t have a bar of it. Having said that, it is hard not to be influenced by what we are seeing in the glossies, on television and of course, retail stores.

What I do get tired and slightly bored with is seeing the amount of white that is splashed around, especially in new homes, not to mention “Greige” – Beige and Grey.

Is there nothing worse on a cold grey Waikato day, to be sitting in an environment devoid of any colour and warmth? You see warmth is a visual thing as well as a physical. If it puts hot pennies in your shoes, go for it, regardless of what I am writing. If it doesn’t, try experimenting, by introducing colour into your rooms.

Every year a company called Pantone introduces us to a colour of the year. This colour will present itself in fashion, interiors and even cars. Last year the colour was Forest Green. Yes, Forest Green! I remember that from the 90’s. This year the Pantone Colour for 2018 is Purple!! (Google Pantone for lots of information).

Neither of these colours really move me, however derivatives of them can be super. At this time, I am having 2 Sofas made for a client, in the most gorgeous textured purple/grape Velvet from Mokum, and it looks stunning. What a wonderfully warm take it is going to give the room.

Other colours hot for 2018 are Blush Pink, Burgundy and, rich Yellow Ochre is still popular. I still really love Turquoise and Petrol Blues as contrasting colours to warmer tones. Imagine a few cushions in these tones or a warm cosy throw in Velvet, Fur or Mohair to cuddle into while sitting in front of the fire. This would instantly give any neutral room a lift.

Luxe textures are also hot for winter. As I said earlier, Velvet and Fur will add textural interest to a room with your furniture, but how about extra texture underfoot – in the form of a textured rug or even a hide.

Mixed metals are also popular this year, Copper, Brass and Rose Gold, again warm tones. Mix them up and use them as accessories with interesting fabrics to again enhance your spaces.

Lamps are also especially popular this year, as their light can add warmth to a space, especially if there is a lot of cold/blue LED light. Choose stunning Table Lamps or Floor Lamps, making sure the actual lamp you are choosing has a warm light. This will not only help to warm the actual feel of the room but can really add welcoming atmosphere on a darker day.


Extensive experience in the Interior Design Industry. Providing knowledge and flair to create fabulous and individualistic interiors come from over 20 years of working and creating spaces to the client’s requirements and specifications, bringing the combination of beautiful spaces, within the required budget.

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